The ELYSIUM COMPANY was founded on November 11, 2016.

The company was set up by the leaders of network marketing industry, online entrepreneurs and IT experts. The company launched a successful online network marketing project.  Well-organised teamwork, clear goals based on the analysis of the needs of our distributors, foreknowledge of the development of popular trends, focus on usability, affordability and user-friendly tools provided for our distributors became our formula for success, which allowed us in less than six months to take the lead both online and offline and enter the international arena.

The company's team does not stop at what has been achieved. The company is developing and introducing unique and innovative products and services. A lot of work is being done to develop and implement the company’s own payment service based on the revolutionary and promising Blockchain technology.

The experience in this area has helped to implement one of the most promising and high-tech developments in the field of cryptocurrencies at present by creating the company’s own full-cycle site for cryptocurrency mining.

For three months we tested the equipment and developed effective methods of automation of mining processes for obtaining the best financial results.

A team of experts in the field of mining consisting of over 30 people was formed. These are real professionals devoted to their work who have a clear vision of the prospects of this trend, a huge experience and a number of implemented projects that are gaining popularity.

We are ready to share this achievement and have developed a unique cloud mining product so that anyone could participate in the project and improve their well-being by participating in the development of one of the world's most technologically advanced areas.

The Elysium team is open for cooperation with those who really want to become financially independent, with investors who are looking for new projects, with all people who are ready «to make the world go round» and do everything that will really be in great demand and useful for millions of people!!!

Elysium Company cloud mining provides:

  • - a low entry fee;
  • - minimal risks and costs connected with the support and maintenance of the mining equipment;
  • - mitigation of cryptocurrency volatility risks;
  • - no restrictions on withdrawal of profit;
  • - a comprehensive approach to mining processes: control of all processes on a single in-house IT-platform